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--- GERMAN --- Ich beschäftige mich mit Frequenzkunst. Dabei benütze ich je nachdem welchen Inhalt ich darstellen möchte und welche Emotion hervorgerufen werden soll, meist Frequenzen die aus dem erfahrbaren Spektrum stammen: des Klangbereiches: von Infraschall bis Ultraschall, des Lichtes: von Infrarot bis Ultraviolett, der Vibration oder der Bewegung. Zudem sind alle Kombination dieser Frequenzen und auch deren Negation, z.B. Stille statt Klang, Verharren statt Bewegung, Schatten statt Licht in meinen Arbeiten möglich.Die Frequenzen und Nicht-Frequenzen dienen mir als Werkzeug. Realisiert werden sie als Klang/kinetische/Licht Installationen und darüber hinaus. Sie können alles kommentieren und von hier aus auch zu Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc weitersurfen um noch mehr von mir zu entdecken. Viel Spass beim Durchstöbern! ------------ NOW IN ENGLISH --------------- I do frequency art. Depending on the content I want to represent and the emotion I want to evoke, I use frequencies from the spectrum of sound: from infrasound to ultrasound, from light: from infrared to ultraviolet, from vibration or movement. In addition, all combinations of these frequencies and their negation, e.g. silence instead of sound, pausing instead of movement, shadow instead of light are possible in my work. They are realized as sound/kinetic/light installations and beyond. You can comment everything and from here you can also surf to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. to discover more of me. Have fun browsing!


I tend towards rather complex projects, but I try to make the result appear simple. The complexity is usually hidden under the surface, forcing me to formulate the idea precisely. Precision becomes an important tool for the creation of the aesthetic connections. This is what I like for example in minimal kinetics, minimalism, among others in the works of Manfred Mohr, Steve Reich, John Cage.

Quantum being

What used to be considered unbelievable can still hardly be explained today, but is generally accepted at least intuitively. Parallel realities, wonders, the concept of perception, probability and possibility are knocking down the fundament of causality, its hitherto rigid building collapses and is re-constructed. This can be found in almost all my works. Strange attractors, the illusion of subject versus object makes room for the realization of my art.

Neueste Einträge / Latest News

Neueste Einträge sind hier oder auf: Latest news can be found here or check: facebook.com/symboter and instagram.com/olaf_schirm

Exhibition "CHAOS METHOD"

From 01.02. until 23.02.2020 the exhibition and conference “CHAOS Method” in St. Petersburg, Russia will run at the Central Museum of Communication. I exhibit my kinetic light object “Quantom” there and talk about quantum art, spirituality and mysticism on the podium at 5 p.m.… weiterlesen

04 Feb 2020


I was invited to curate an exhibition in the project room “DISKURS” and am looking forward to the opening of the now built exhibition: SUPERPOSITION on 22.01.2020 at 7 pm. SUPERPOSITION shows radical positions about the perception from the field of Science Art / Art and Science of me and the artists: Lucas Buschfeld Edith Kollath Sebastian Wolf  SUPERPOSITION runs until 29.02.2020.… weiterlesen

22 Jan 2020

Interview in Plasma Magazine

Just published, the interview for my light quantum installation “Quantom” at State Studio Berlin read here… weiterlesen

24 Aug 2019
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