DeepThought is a luminokinetic object for wall mounting.

The object is controlled by two computers, one is constantly chosing patterns and colors, speeds and directions and by this responsible for the external look of the artwork. The second compter is a computational intelligence with emotions, which develops a self-feeling for the colors, combinations and speeds generated by the first computer. When the first computer has finished a pattern procedure, the second computer wishes what will show up next. If it really happens, the second computers happyness increases, it it does not happen, the second computer will get sad. At a certain amoint of happyness or sadness, the second computer will interfere with the first one with a special pattern he sends, then it will calm down again, while the first one continues his work….

The object is designed for contemplation, and allows the expansion of perception and sphere of thought while at the same time calming down everyday influences.

The light changes are manifold, so that the overall composition has –  besides its artwork specific look – a magnitude of different light patterns which are pleasont to look at.

Deep Thought is available in two editions:

DeepThought (2017)
Mixed media, lights, electronics, aluminum, 3D printing
Weight: 4kg
Dimensions: 103cm(H) x 73.5cm(W) x 11.5cm(D)
Edition: 10+1ea


DeepThought Dense (2017)
Mixed media, lights, electronics, aluminum, 3D printing
Weight: 3kg
Dimensions: 52cm(H) x 73.5cm(W) x 11.5cm(D)
Edition: 10+1ea

The editions differ in size and density, not in function and statement.



Proud Collector #4 Show, Berlin, April 2017
Ostrale Biennale, Dresden, July-October 2017
New York meets Berlin, Berlin, June 2018

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